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Phramongkutklao Hospital

(Joint Replacement / Bangkok, Thailand)

Phramongkutklao Hospital

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Joint Replacement:

Joint Wait Time Hospital Stay Local Stay Cost
Knee Arthroplasty 12 Month(s) 7 Day(s) 2 Week(s) 100,000 THB
Hip Arthroplasty 12 Month(s) 7 Day(s) 2 Week(s) 200,000 THB
Shoulder Arthroplasty 6 Month(s) 7 Day(s) 2 Week(s) 100,000 THB

Note: 1 day = 1 day or less

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Reference: Phramongkutklao Hospital Bangkok (Krungthep)

Thai Army has concerned in their Armies and families, including all People, Health Cares. Moreover, Medical Science has increasingly been more effected and developed in Health Care in day by day. It has been the center in Health Care of Thai Army.

From January 1, 1946, it has been Grand Opening of Army Hospital, under Department of Army Medical Services, to service for all Thai Army and Family, and all people too. It has been targeted to be Center of Health Care and Learning in Medical. In that time, it had capability to service only 200 beds.

Until November 25, 1946, it had conducted Naming Ceremony to named “Phramongkutklao Hospital” by Army General Phin Chunnahawan, by invited the name of King Phramongkutklao to hospital name. Nowadays, Phramongkutklao Hospital has provided the medical services as other main hospitals to Army, Government Officials, its emplyees, families, including general people. Its service capability has been raised up to 2000 daily in OPD, and 1200 to 1600 beds in IPD. Moreover, Hospital Learning Center has developed Medical Learning and Training in all many types of Medical Study.

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